C.A.R.E. Groups

Real Life Ministries Silver Valley is a small groups church not a church with a small groups ministry. We believe Jesus Christ modeled the importance of a small group when He met with His twelve disciples bringing them to wholeness and maturity in an atmosphere of honest and open relationship. Real life. We call our small, home groups CARE Groups which stands for ”Creating A Relational Environment”. The primary purpose of the CARE Groups is to connect with our communities and provide a safe environment where relationships with GOD and each other may grow and blossom to full maturity as biblical disciples of Jesus Christ. Each CARE Group is composed of individuals, couples and families who are committed to loving GOD and each other, meeting once a week in someone’s home for fellowship, the study of God’s word, and to participate together in practically living out the gospel (good news) of Jesus… “Reaching the world for Jesus Christ one person at a time.”

C.A.R.E. Group Curriculum Download

Sunday Groups

6:00 PM Larry and Marge Curry

Kingston, ID 83839

(208) 682-2088

Monday groups

6:00 PM Don and Jennifer Ferguson

     Cataldo, ID

      (208) 682-4460

      Kid Friendly

7:00 PM Kevin and Nicole Kessler

     Osburn, ID

      (208) 752-1093


tuesday groups

6:30 PM Mike and Loretta Wright

    (208) 682-7007

     Kid Friendly

Wednesday groups

3:30 PM John and Ruth Sipp

Pinehurst, ID

(208) 682-4180

6:00 PM John and Charity Cook      

      Kellogg, ID 83837

      (Residence above the Pet Clinic)

      (208) 752-1093

      Kid Friendly

6:30 PM John and Kay Tallman with John and Dana Wohlman

    at Real Life Thrift Store

    109 N Division St.

    Pinehurst, ID 83850

    (208) 512-2870

    Kid Friendly


5:30 PM Hal and Wendy Lamphere

Pinehurst, ID

(208) 682-2399