Thank you for visiting Real Life Ministries Silver Valley, we are so glad you joined us!    

We believe the mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus who can make disciples of Jesus.  We are all broken people who need the good news of the Gospel.  We believe one of the greatest blessings in being a disciple of Christ is that we are designed to be in relationship with God first and foremost, and second, that we are designed to be in relationship with others.    We believe in creating relational environments where people can grow in their relationship with God and others.  

What to Expect

A typical service will last about 70 minutes.  We worship God by singing contemporary worship songs led by our worship team, you will hear announcements on current and upcoming events and ministries in the church, we take communion together each service, and you will hear a Bible based  message  from our lead Pastor or sermon team full of biblical truth and God's love.   We have a relaxed, casual atmosphere in our lobby and that is how most folks dress as well.   

We have a Kids Ministry that provides classes during every church service.  There are specific classrooms and trained volunteers and staff for kids from 2-3 years old, 4-6 years old, 1st-3rd grade and 4th-5th grade.    Real Life Kids exists to come alongside parents as they begin to disciple their children.   

If you have a little one that isn't ready to come back into Kids Ministry or if you are nursing your little one, we offer a space in our nursery to accommodate this. We have rocking chairs to rock your baby, as well as the sermon to watch on the T.V.



"Reaching the world for Jesus one person at a time."

Matthew 28:18-20


"Making biblical disciples in relational environments."

Acts 2:42-47


"Developing disciples through SCMD." Everything we do at Real Life Ministries centers on these four purposes.

S -- We will SHARE Christ with a dying world, making disciples of all nations.  - 1 Peter 2:9

C -- We will CONNECT disciples into a leader directed small group. - 2 Timothy 2:2

M -- In small groups we will train disciples to MINISTER in the church and in the world. - Ephesians 4:11-12

D -- We will release those who have been developed to DISCIPLE others. - Matthew 28:19

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